Original apostasy

Original apostasy April 29, 2011

According to Calvin, prior to the fall “direct communication with God was the source of life to Adam.” By the tree of life, “Adam was admonished, that he could claim nothing for himself as if it were his own, in order that he might depend wholly upon the Son of God, and might not seek life anywhere but in Him.” At the beginning, “man was blessed, not because of his good actions, but by participation in God” ( sed Dei participatione fuisse beatum ). Not just man: “the life of all things was included in the Word.” Canlis glosses this by saying that creation is located in Christ. Adam is created participating in the Mediator – not merely with the capacity to participate, but actually participating.

Is it possible to participate in Christ and then to fall from that union? Is the fall possible? For Calvin, it is virtually the same question.

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