Luther on Lent

Luther on Lent February 23, 2012

In his explanation of the German Mass, Luther wrote, “Lent, Palm Sunda, and Holy Week shall be retained, not to force anyone to fast but to preserve the Passion history and the Gospels appointed for that season. This, however, does not include the Lenten veil, throwing of palms, veiling of pictures, and whatever else there is of such tomfoolery -0 nor chanting the four Passions, nor preaching on the Passion for eight hours on Good Friday. Holy Week shall be like any other week save that the Passion history be explained every day for an hour throughout the week or on as many days as may be desirable, and that the sacrament be given to everyone who desires it.”

Every order, Luther recognized, can be abused, and turned from an order into “a disorder.” The principle is that “any order shall be so used than whenever it becomes an abuse, it shall be straightway abolished and replaced by another.”

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