Seven Spirits

Seven Spirits May 2, 2014

John sees Jesus the Lamb with seven horns and seven eyes, the latter being “the seven Spirits of God” (Revelation 5:6). What are the seven Spirits?

There are many dimensions to the answer: Seven is the number of creation, seven the rhythm or melody of the Creator Spirit; there are seven Spiritual blessings in Isaiah’s description of the Servant.

But there’s a closer answer within Revelation 5. Verse 6 uses the number “seven” three times, and a few verses later, we learn that the Lamb is worthy to receive a sevenfold blessing: power, riches, wisdom, might, honor, glory, blessing (v. 12).

Reach back to Acts 2, and we learn that the ascended Lamb receives the Spirit from the Father, which He pours out on the disciples. The Lamb receives the Spirit; the Spirit is seven; the Lamb is worthy to receive seven gifts. Seems to fit.

What is the seven Spirits? It is the Spirit/s received by the Lamb by virtue of being slain: the Spirit of power, the Spirit or riches, the Spirit of wisdom, might, honor, glory, and blessing.

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