Husbandly Spirit

Husbandly Spirit June 12, 2014

Jesus gives His Spirit to His Bride, and the Bride is so filled with the Spirit that she and the Spirit speak with a single voice, which is the voice of the Word whose Spirit it is. Filled with the Spirit, the Bride longs for the Lord’s coming: The Spirit and Bride say “Come.”

So, you’d like your bride to speak in sync, to harmonize your melodies? So you’d like your bride to be a fugal variation on your themes? So you’d like your bride to wait eagerly for your presence?

Then imitate Jesus: Stop being the strong silent type. Don’t hold back. Don’t reserve your spirit for yourself, or your spirit will never enter hers.

(Mutatis mutandis, it goes in the other direction too, insofar as the Bride initiates the Song that the Bridegroom chases.)

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