Theopolis Junior Fellows Program

Theopolis Junior Fellows Program February 18, 2016

The church has faced many challenges in her two thousand year history. Bishops and priests evangelized Romans and barbarians. Adventurous monks settled on the frontiers of Europe. Bold missionaries traveled to the remotest peoples on the planet.

Never before, though, has the church been called to ministry in a society once Christian but now secular. Never before has she carried out a mission to a post-Christian world.

The church is God’s urban renewal project and today the church needs leaders who will renew God’s city to transform the world’s cities. We do not need complacent caretakers. Today, the church needs visionary culture-makers.

Beginning in September 2016, the Theopolis Institute will admit 12-15 each year to our year-long leadership training program.

We will equip you for imaginative, courageous leadership in the church of the future. We will teach you the whole Bible. We will explain how baptismal water, Eucharistic bread and wine, and liturgical prayer change the world. As a Junior Fellow, you will learn the war songs of the Lamb and gain practical ministry experience. You will visit unfamiliar churches and learn how businessmen and professions work their faith into their work.

We will not take it easy on you. We hope it feels like boot camp. When you are done, however, you will have the tools you need to be a servant of God’s future city among the cities of this world, and a plan to use them.

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