Bless This House

Bless This House August 1, 2016

Prayers for the blessing of a house, adapted from this order of house blessing.

At the doorway: O God, heavenly Father, Lord of heaven and earth, protect our going out and our coming in. Banish demons, defeat all curses, and station your angels at this door. Shine the light of your presence into this house, and may this home radiate your light to those outside. Make this door a gateway to hospitality, that those who enter here may be refreshed with your love and peace. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

The living room: O God, bless all who come from every corner of the world, that they may be knit together in the communion of Your Spirit. May this room be for edifying conversation, laughter, song, worship, and joy. Here may we grieve with those who grieve and rejoice with those who rejoice. Rain down your love into the hearts of all who frequent this place, that living water may flow from our innermost parts. Let our words be seasoned with salt, that when those who visit us have departed, they may proclaim the glory of you holy name and produce abundant fruit. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

The kitchen: O Lord, our Good Shepherd, you made grain to give seed and trees to bear fruit. You lead us to oases in the desert, refresh us beside still waters, and fill the hungry with good things. Grant that this kitchen and dining room may be a source and seal of peace. May all who prepare food here, and all who eat and drink, do all to Your glory. May outcasts find fellowship at this table, the weak be strengthened, and all give thanks for the abundance of your gifts. Fill us with your Spirit, and send his anointing upon those who work and eat here. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Master bedroom: Protect us, Lord, when the sun rises and guard us as we sleep under moon and stars; that awake we may keep watch with Christ, and asleep we may rest in his peace. Bless this room and this bed, and send your holy angels to protect those who sleep here from every attack of Satan or his emissaries. Holy Spirit, minister to the hearts of those who abide here, bringing comfort and rest. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Child’s and guest bedrooms: Bless these rooms and beds, send your warrior angels to surround the family and guests who sleep here. May these rooms swarm with grandchildren, at play in Your presence. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Office or study: O Lord, God of truth and light, who made us to labor and rule the earth: We bind all who use this room to your truth and loose them from all lies and deceptions of the enemy. May your Holy Spirit fill this place, that all business done here may be to your glory, and all study would lead to a deeper understanding of the truth and a more committed obedience of your law. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Outside: Lord God, you created all things, pronounced them very good, and entered Your rest. May the trees that surround us remind us of your power and the grass of our frailty; teach us to trust You for all things, as we observe the birds you feed and the grass you adorn with glory. Make us fruitful trees by streams of water, as we share in Your delight in your works. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

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