Scorpio Season and The Death Card

Scorpio Season and The Death Card November 3, 2023

Although Halloween and Samhain are behind us, we are still in the season of remembrance. November 1st was All Saints Day and November 2nd was All Souls Day. We are also well into Scorpio season on the astrological wheel, which is appropriate given Scorpios’ association with the occult, death, and taboos.

The Death Card from two different tarot decks.
The Death Card from two decks. The left card is from the Mystic Pallet tarot by Ciro Marchetti. The card on the right is from the Guardian of the Night tarot by M.J. Cullinane. Photo by author

The Evolution of Scorpio

Death is the tarot card associated with Scorpios, for good reason, but there is a lot to unpack with the Death card. Scorpios are a unique zodiac sign. We have three different symbols that represent the transformation of a Scorpio, rather than the standard one symbol for all the other zodiac signs. The Scorpion, the first stage of transformation, represents Scorpio’s baser emotions. As a scorpion we are stuck in cycles that we can’t break due to our anger and jealousy issues. In order to move on, Scorpios have to work through these emotions and the traumas that caused them. The Eagle is the second stage of transformation and is considered a symbol of courage and power. When a Scorpio becomes the eagle, they have managed to begin their transformation. The Scorpio is using their wisdom and maturity to navigate their life. The Phoenix represents the final stage of transformation for Scorpio – representing the capacity for empathetic observation without judgment. The Phoenix, strongly associated with rebirth, resurrection, and transformation, is a symbol that represents Scorpio breaking the chains of attachment, having learned the lesson of letting go. We can now rise above our baser emotions and see the world through new, wiser eyes.

The evolution of a Scorpio also parallels the changes we see in the Death tarot card. Yes, the Death card can represent a person’s death, but most tarot readers will say that this does not happen frequently. Typically, the Death card represents change or transformation. In order for us to move on, we have to let go of the past. If we want a new job, we have to be willing to leave the old job. We cannot accept those new things in our lives if we do not clear out the old things. The old version of ourselves has to die so that we can grow into the person we want to be.

Death Gives Us Room to Grieve

The word death conjures many images and feelings for people. One of the things people associate with death is grief. When a loved one dies, we are hurt by their passing. We mourn their potential or all the memories we will never get to make with them. We miss them. This is natural and grief is something that although we mostly fear it, we need to accept when it comes. Grief can teach us many things.  It prepares us for coming to terms with our own mortality, it brings communities and families together and can help us to mature and grow. And it also teaches us empathy and understanding so we can be more sympathetic to others.

The Death card holds room for grief. In tarot, there are multiple cards that represent change and moving on. However, the Death card is one of the few cards that lets us know that although the change is good and necessary, it can be painful. The Death card gives us the space to grieve for those things that are dying in our lives. Sure you want that new job and it’s better benefits, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t miss aspects of your old job. Yes, we want to grow and learn, but that means we have to let go of bad habits and old programming – which is a decision you have to make every day. You may find yourself grieving for who or what you used to be, or even being upset with yourself because navigating growth can be difficult. The Death card knows this and holds space for us to process our feelings through our transformations.

Transform with Scorpio

As we struggle to model the evolution of Scorpio, from jealous and angry scorpion, to the maturity and wisdom of the eagle, to the final stages of the reborn Phoenix, the Death card is there for us. The change represented by Death is deeply transformational – you will not be the same after your Death experience. That is the whole point. Death is the end of something, yes, but it is also the birth of something new. You cannot separate the end from the beginning – they are happening simultaneously.

As we navigate through November into the next round of holidays, we often experience grief and anxiety. The holidays are filled with a variety of emotions for everyone. When that happens, think of the Death card. Change is coming, and it may be difficult, but you are the Phoenix who will rise above.


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