Day Three: God is Constantly Creating in Your Life

Day Three: God is Constantly Creating in Your Life January 13, 2011

With the New Year come novel possibilities and challenges. Each day brings new possibilities for adventure and transformation. Right now, you are in the midst of a holy adventure, and don’t know it. Even in adversity, you can experience creativity and joy.

For many people, God is the primary defender of the status quo. They believe that God’s best work in creation and in human existence was in the past and that God has already planned the details of your future. From this perspective, God is no longer creating the universe or evolving new personal and planetary possibilities, nor can God experience or do anything new. Revelation ended with the final words of the Bible. Nothing we say or do can add to the unfolding of God’s wisdom in the universe.

In contrast, I believe that God is still creating in our lives and in the world, and that God wants us to be creators, too. The future is open for God and for us! God is experiencing and experimenting with new things and so can we!

Looking at your life today: What new possibilities is God placing in your life? Where does God want you to color outside the lines and share in the emerging evolution of our planet? Where is God calling you to partnership and creativity? Where is God, like an involved parent, saying to you and all creation, “Surprise me! Do something I hadn’t completely expected!”

By seeing your life as a holy adventure with God as your lively companion, the world becomes filled with possibility; you can become the artist of your own experience and add to the beauty of this good earth. To embrace your role as God’s creative companion, take a few minutes to live by the following affirmations:

God is constantly creating in the universe and my life.
God wants me to be a partner in new creation.
God’s creativity is revealed in (an aspect of my life).
God invites me to be creative in (a particular situation).

Throughout the day, take time to pause and notice where God is inviting you to become new creation. Right now, you are bringing something new and unique into the universe. Open and respond with your own creative activities as you claim your role as a partner in God’s creative process. This isn’t always easy, I must admit: just yesterday, I received word that I was passed over for a significant position for which I was eminently qualified. I was down for a bit, but realized that, looking at my whole life, the possibilities that I experience every day are enough for an adventurous and full life. Blessings on the adventure.

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