Memorial Day Prayers

Memorial Day Prayers May 25, 2019

Loving God of all nations, From sea to shining sea, you have blessed us with a land of beauty, a place of possibility, and a hope for tomorrow, Let our prayers become actions.
Let our celebration of this Memorial Day challenge us
To reach out to veterans and their families in gratitude, love, and support.
Let us live in gratitude, working for the values for which our soldiers
Have sacrificed: liberty and justice for all, freedom from fear,
the ability to share in the American dream, worship freely,
And become all that we are intended to be as members of your beloved community.
Let our prayers be embodied in our own sacrifices so that our
Land of many religions, cultures, and peoples might truly let freedom ring
and ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all of God’s children.
Remembering those who have fallen, let us commit ourselves to peace through integrity and partnership, asking your blessing
For the United States of America and all peoples everywhere.

Holy One, God of all peoples, artist of every color, women and men, children, parents, grandparents, and families of all kinds, we celebrate the freedom of our nation. We give thanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice that enable us to gather today. We pray that your healing touch rest upon all those veterans who still suffer from brokenness of mind, body, and spirit.
We ask that our country be a light to the nations, a model of welcome to strangers and refugees, a place where every child can fulfill her or his destiny as God’s beloved. And we ask that you crown our good with brotherhood – and sisterhood – from sea to shining sea. Bless and keep us, and bless our nation so that we might bless this good earth. Amen.

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