Faith in a Time of Pandemic – How I Got Over

Faith in a Time of Pandemic – How I Got Over March 31, 2020

Over and over Over and over My soul looks back And wonders how I got over. (Gospel Hymn)

My soul looks back and wonders how I got over! So goes a gospel hymn based on the experience of finding freedom from the chains that bind. Freedom from slavery and bondage. The experience of surviving a challenging situation, where hope was at risk. In a similar spirit, those of us who are sheltering in place yearn for freedom of movement, for the ability to freely travel and engage.

Sometimes the freest people are in prison. Most of the Apostle Paul’s letters to churches were written from prison. Despite being sheltered in place against his will, his spirit is free. He can rejoice because God is with him and the future is in God’s hands.

Think of the challenging times of your life – the loss of parents, a spouse, health crises, job loss, divorce, aging. How did you get over? Looking back, what got you through? What helped you respond to loss? What helped you remain positive in the context of challenge? This doesn’t deny the pain, anguish, and sense of hopelessness but sees them in light of resources that came to us or that we summoned to “get over,” to find health and freedom and new life. But, you got over! And are alive to tell the story!

As followers of Jesus, we trust that God is with us. In the spirit of the poem “Footprints,” there are times when God carries us despite the fact we feel alone. And we got over!
We cannot underestimate nor should we deny the impact of the Coronavirus on our lives and our planet. We must recognize the personal and community risks and act accordingly. But, COVID-19 is but one reality, and nothing compared to God’s love which undergirds and guides, which was in the beginning and will be forever. With God’s grace, we will “get over.”

Holy One, be with us so we can get over. Let us feel your presence and trust your guidance. Bless us to bless others. Amen..

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