Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Trust and Morality

Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Trust and Morality May 30, 2020

Trust and Morality
When you are disturbed do not sin…put your trust in God. (Psalm 4:4, 5. Read Psalm 4 in its entirety.)

Interesting words, “when you are disturbed do not sin…but trust God.” Often under stress, we become disoriented and lash out. We lose our cool and blame others or respond excessively to the imperfections of those around us. In close quarters with my family, I recognize that this is always a possibility. I remember that when we are under stress, we need to be especially careful about protecting our wellbeing and peace of mind. We need to pause to practice kindness and give one another grace.

One of the greatest antidotes to distress that leads to bad behavior, impatience, and poor judgment is taking time for selfcare. Selfcare isn’t selfishness. Remember the words of the flight attendant, “put on your oxygen mask first” and then place it on a child or vulnerable person. To help others, we must have the inner resources to wisely respond to their needs and to their unique personalities, quirks, foibles, and annoyances as well as their unique gifts and beauty.

The Psalmist counsels “trust in God.” For us, this means prayerful practices of self-care that give us resources to care for others. What selfcare practices are you employing these days? There are a variety of prayerful selfcare practices that enable us to care for others.
+ prayerful quiet on a daily basis
+ devotional reading
+ exercise
+ doing an activity that gives you pleasure, for the pure joy of it, each day
+ deep breathing
+ meditative prayer
+ reaching out to friends
+ honoring your personality type and your specific needs
+ if you are in a family setting, take time apart
+ if you are in a family setting, practice positive speech even when your upset (this isn’t denial of feelings, but not letting your feelings control you – as 12 step groups say, “fake it until you make it”)

+ look at the long haul – what do you really want today, what’s really important, and what promotes your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others
+ ask for God’s help

Trust God. You will find a way. Pause before speaking. Be kind and graceful to all. Seek to be your best self in every situation. God is with you.

Loving God, help me care for myself so I can care for others. Let me faithfully join my wellbeing with the wellbeing of others as I follow your Way. Amen.

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