Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Make Haste, O God, to Help Me

Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Make Haste, O God, to Help Me June 28, 2020

Be pleased, O God, to deliver me, O God make haste to help me. (Psalm 70:1; read entire Psalm 70.)

Make haste to help me! There are days we just need help from a power greater than ourselves. When we call out in prayer, we discover that we are not alone, and that we have resources beyond our own individual abilities.

Once again, the Psalmist is in trouble. The Psalmist struggles with foes that are both personal and political. He is poor and needy! Left to his own devices, he knows he will fail. In calling on God in prayer, he discovers power a new sense of connection that gives him strength and guidance.

For what do you need prayerful haste? Where do you need a greater sense of power beyond your own effort? None of us is self-sufficient. All are standing in the need of prayer. Whatever struggles you are dealing with, take time to prayer for their resolution or transformation today. Your struggles can be relational, economic, spiritual, intellectual, or involving temptation. Everything can be brought to God. God knows our hearts and in our prayers were come not only to know that we are not alone but to know ourselves and discover insights that will help us find our way.

Loving God, remind us that we are not alone and without resources. Make haste to help us. Defend us from every foe, internal and external. Aman.

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