Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Taste and See that God is Good

Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Taste and See that God is Good June 16, 2020

Taste and See that God is Good

O Taste and See that God is good. (Psalm 34:8; read Psalm 34:7-10)

Can you imagine a tasty God? Can you imagine a beautiful God? Can you imagine a sensational God? A God filling your senses with beauty? A God whose presence inspires wonder and amazement?

While God cannot be encompassed by the world or be visualized like an ordinary object, traces of divinity are found in all things. All creation reveals God. The birds of the air, sporting whales, iris and roses, rainbows and clouds, and the color purple all reflect God’s wise creativity.

Imagine tasting God in a freshly baked loaf of bread, a juicy pear, homemade pasta, enchiladas, beef stew, chili, or a bite from a filet mignon!

Imagine seeing God in the face of a child, an elder’s wrinkled visage, an osprey’s flight, a whale’s breach. All things birthing the holy.

Taste and see. Today, notice the world with fresh eyes. Today, take time to taste your food. Let the beauty of the day unfold even in this time of pandemic.

Rejoice, give thanks, delight in creation. Taste and see that God is good.

Let me delight in all creation, tasting and seeing the goodness of God. Let me experience the wonder of each moment and the beauty of each day. Amen.

Bruce Epperly is a Cape Cod pastor, professor, and author of over 50 books, including FAITH IN A TIME OF PANDEMIC and GOD ONLINE: A MYSTIC’S GUIDE TO THE INTERNET.

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