Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Listening for God

Faith in a Time of Pandemic – Listening for God August 2, 2020

“Listening for God”

God called, “Samuel, Samuel” and Samuel responded, “Here I am…Speak for I am listening” (Samuel 3:4, 10; read Samuel 3:1-10)

We live in a God-filled world. Inspiration can come at any time. Guidance can arise in any encounter. When God calls, you’re likely to receive a mission.
Young Samuel hears the voice of God, and responds “Here I am. I’m listening.” God is still speaking in this time of pandemic. There is much pain and sorrow. Much hopelessness and depression. Yet, within our lamentations and pain, God is present.

Let me be clear: God did not cause the pandemic. Nor is the reality of pandemic punishment for sin. Actions have consequences, but God works within our joy and sorrow. God is constantly sending us messages, inspirations, daily graces.

Throughout the day, take time to pause, and reach out to God with the prayer, “Speak, God, for I am listening. Show me the way. Guide my steps.” As we pray, we will find an answer and guidance for one step at a time.

Here we are, God, God our path. Give us your wisdom and guidance. Let me have light for one step at time. Amen.

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