Is There a Benefit to Personal Bible Reading?

Is There a Benefit to Personal Bible Reading? May 22, 2023

Benefits of Bible Reading
Personal Bible Reading can lead to solid success in life.

Many say that practical wisdom is required for a successful living. Practical wisdom is most often described as worldly wisdom. As such, the life of a Christian  may seem foreign to those who look to current philosophy for guidance. There are benefits, however, to reading one’s bible personally rather than relying on learning about it through the word of others.

How Did the Bible Lose Its Popularity?

Historically, the word of God remained in high esteem among the people despite centuries of being outside of their personal reach. The practice of keeping the word of God outside of the reach of the people, therefore preventing personal bible reading, was a major contributor to the time period known as the Dark Ages.

In more modern times, American communities used the bible as a foundation for building local communities and larger society. For African Americans, it was a basis for identifying and establishing freedoms with the knowledge that God views all men (and women) as acceptable.

Gender roles, family life, and rules of conduct were gleaned from the scriptures as binding until issues regarding personal choice began to become a divisive issue. Today, many say loudly that the Bible is out of date because it does not meet modern-day standards of living. This concept appears to have a negative when taken as fact. For those who have continued to see the Bible as relevant and hold to personal bible reading, consistent benefits are seen as promised in the scriptures.

Why are the Beroeans an Example?

Historically and in the disciples’ time, there were many congregations established. One such was The Beroeans. They became known for comparing scripture and reading for themselves to see if what they were being taught was truth. Their actions serve as a good example for us as we question what we hear about God’s word.

For those interested in seeing how the creator’s vision would benefit them,  personal bible reading can hold many benefits. Among the Bible’s promises are these: (1) It is the recipe for happiness that so often eludes those of our generation; (2)It is the key to faith;  (3) It affords spiritual protection when acted upon.

Benefits of Personal Bible Reading

A person interested in reading the Bible may have one of many motives, but the bible’s true purpose is to build solid faith in God’s promises. Romans 10:17 states that “faith comes through hearing and hearing through the word of God.”

The bible says it has multiple uses in the life of a believer (1) It acts as a personal mirror. (2) It is an instrument of the holy spirit in that it is alive ,and (3) It is used for building one’s inner spirit, as well as educating one in knowing how to recognize God’s voice. (4) Symbolically it is the sword in our spiritual armor.

Every day we realize we are not only in a world growing increasingly hostile but we are also in a spiritual battle. Our fight is not to be done in the physical. Especially as women, who are considered to be more precious than rubies yet remain as vulnerable to deception as Eve, can we benefit by learning that a solid positive self-esteem, and relying on God to fulfill our duties, can help us contribute to society in a way that far outweigh our own imagined plans.

Further, the knowledge of God’s word can help us against the desire to harm ourselves by giving in to temptation. It can heal a negative mindset and assist with life’s problems as they arise helping us make clear and focused decisions.It helps us have the character that is admired by God and can lead to a society that appreciates individual choice according to God’s plan.



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