Are you Angry at God?

Are you Angry at God? July 5, 2023

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The bible recommends that we be slow about anger and swift about hearing. When was the last time you talked to God or read His word? Perhaps the reason is that you feel angry towards Him? There could be a myriad of reasons why one feels anger towards God. Many of the reasons may justify anger, but be wrong about the source of our pain and suffering.

At one time, you may have been a devout follower with regular church attendance, active in different groups both socially and to benefit the congregation. Then, the bottom falls out. Someone may have gossiped about and slandered you, or even run off with your mate. The pastor may have made a cruel remark, or you may have fallen in love with the world, only to find out that the world can also be cruel.

Regardless of the reason, many transfer disappointing life events, frustrations, and deep pain onto their feelings about God.   Did you know that to God that is not unusual? It helps when you understand more about what God has to say.

Why God Allows Suffering

There are specific reasons someone may become angry and frustrated with God. Usually, it has to do with suffering – personal and collective. Because of the vague answers often given, even by ministers, a person may walk away feeling that God is just not concerned about the personal details in their life.

It may be surprising then to find out what God’s word says.  It takes a keen bible reader,  assistance from the holy spirit, and sometimes a bible teacher to help us sort through and get a thorough, accurate answer from God’s word.  If, however, we are generally convinced that God is not interested in the details of your life, cutting through the anger is important.

God invites those who do want answers to go to him in prayer  Tell Him how you feel and ask for His assistance (holy spirit) to discern when He is speaking to you.  Meditating on the experience of others can allow us to know that we do not have to live with the isolating emotion of anger.

The Source of Suffering

It is an uncomfortable truth that this ‘age’ and ‘system of things’ has been corrupted. The word of God describes it as an ‘evil age’ and a ‘wicked system of things,’.  Jesus Christ testified that the one behind it is the evil one, Satan the devil.  In fact, Christ says he influences most people in today’s world , While the emotion of anger in and of itself is not evil – it is a normal human emotion and a reaction to hurt – we must not allow it to grow to the place of sin which could look like complete lack of faith. The examples of Hannah and Job show that sometimes it is another person or a spirit being, the evil one, who is the source of pain. Yet, God is our helper.

As a woman, nothing can wound us as deeply as being childless when we want to have a child. The taunting attitude of another woman, especially near in proximity to us, and the knowledge that a woman’s status in life is deeply impacted by the external measures of motherhood and marital status can lead to feelings of shame. Hannah found herself in this predicament though she was married.  She was unable to have children and likely felt very lonely in the pain caused by the mean spirited teasing of her husband’s other wife She saw God as the one who could help her, and though it appears that she felt so low as to even ask her request, she earnestly spilled out her pain to God and was favorably answered.

Then there is Job, who lost his status, income, and children within a short span of time; All because he was noted as a stellar example of being a faithful, godly servant . Could anything seem more unfair and unwarranted? Stricken with a disease finally, you can say the bottom was knocked out from under him. He was encouraged by his wife to give up the fight by cursing God and  giving his spirit over to death  Something completely opposite from what God intended!  

Don’t Let Anger Get the Best of You

We are counseled to “be angry and do not sin, “ . Be willing to let the anger go once you understand the source of it.  God asks us to have an open enough heart to come to him. In Job’s case, God came to set the matter straight because of the wrong advice of his friends. In Hannah’s case, he answered by allowing her to have the child she asked for and then many more. Likewise, our adverse circumstance does not have to be the final result. But we must know that it is God who is the potter – the one who can use our circumstances in such a way that a beautiful vessel is made

In time, if we remain open, we will find ourselves talking to God. He will pull us close, heal the anger and give us a new dream, or show the diamond that has been created from our painful circumstances.


About Margaret Y. Buapim
Margaret Y. Buapim is the author of Ring Envy, a Christian Contemporary Romance Novel. She has been published in Guide Magazine and WOW!Women-on-Writing. She enjoys writing about topics of faith, hope and inspiration. You can read more about the author here.

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