Christ is the Key in Christianity

Christ is the Key in Christianity August 28, 2023

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Most religions espouse a peaceful mindset and a moral code. Some even espouse an afterlife or paradise with God. What sets Christianity apart from other religions? Its central figure-Jesus Christ. Though he continues to be rejected by some, his words indicate that without him there is no way of salvation or true relationship with God. There would be no basis to call oneself a Christian.

Jesus Christ is distinguished from being simply a good man who walked the earth or a prophet who foretold the future.  He is the Son of God. This was attested to in front of several witnesses.  But is there evidence that he actually came to earth and is who he said he was?

Jesus Christ birth was prophesied by an angel.  He had no earthly father. His life here on earth was for the purpose of spreading the good news about salvation and providing a sufficient sacrifice to pay for the penalty of sin. No other religious figure has those credentials. He is also the King of God’s Kingdom.

Is There Support that Jesus Actually Lived?

Besides the eyewitness testimony of the apostles who wrote the Greek or new testament. There are accepted historians who wrote about Jesus existence. Flavius Josephus, a Roman-Jewish historian and military leader and Tacitus a Roman historian and politician affirm Jesus existence and crucifixion. Josephus and Eusebius also affirm the existence of Christ’s disciples and wrote on their death. Most scholars attest to the fact that Jesus lived. We can take the account of the gospels and compare them with the secular historians and decide for ourselves.

But why, to a Christian, is it important to know that Christ actually lived and was resurrected? It gives assurance of our own hope .  Without the resurrection of Jesus, the basis of Christian preaching and faith is done in vain.  The purpose of a Christian life is not to simply live a life of good morals.

A Good Life Without Christ

The basis of Christian faith is Salvation. We have faith that eternal life is possible. It is different than just wishing for a peaceful life and success in one’s endeavors. All humans experience the good and bad of life.  We also are allotted on the average seventy years in our present existence. A ‘good’ life, in human terms, can be achieved but at the end, will we find that it was fully satisfying?

God has put the desire for eternity in our hearts. We also have a spiritual longing. Full satisfaction comes from knowing we have this need and seeking to fulfill it. Of himself, Jesus said, eternal life and a pathway to God comes through him. As the central figure in Christianity, it is worth it to study his life and activities and decide if we will put active faith in him.  The other choice is to dismiss him as a failed prophet. But there are risks.

 The Danger of Rejecting Christ

The privilige of prayer, consistent peace, gift of the holy spirit who is the comforter, and assurance of life eternal are not a part of the life of one who rejects Christ. There are other beliefs which speak of an after life or reincarnated life, but the one who claims to have the keys of death and plans to destroy it is Jesus Christ.

God’s word also says that we remain condemned if we have not settled our faith in his Son.  Jesus, the central historical figure, is also the central divine figure with whom we must decide to believe on. He is the foundation for the Christian faith and having assurance of his life before in heaven, his life on earth and his resurrection, will allow us to have a solid hope about our future.

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