How Do You Measure Success?

How Do You Measure Success? September 12, 2023

What is success and what makes a successful life?  Certainly not having to look back on our younger years with regret. For the Christian, a successful life is measured and defined differently.  Rather than outward trappings alone, a Christian’s life is measured by their wealth towards God.    That was the advice given by Jesus Christ when looking at the life of a man who was rich in material prosperity, but did not know that his life would end suddenly and he had no wealth towards God.

We are not born with this wealth towards God. It is something that we have to build upon.  When we do so, we have the privilege of being known by God and we will see the positive fruitage in our lives.  Conditions such as a peaceful mind, stable circumstances, security and confidence are a formula for true success. They are also a promise in God’s word

The World’s Success Versus a Biblical View

Often, we measure success in this world by our income, property and social status.  God’s servants are not prevented from having any of those elements in their life. In fact, God will provide opportunities for all of those things to those who put him first. Our goal is relationship with Him, rather than material gain.  A good moral character, an attitude of service towards our fellow Christians and neighbor, and strong faith also make us rich towards God.

It is the opposite of someone focused on material things. As the bible says, those things fly away. They are a safe harbor in the mind alone and often they keep the holder up at night with worry about how to maintain all that is owned.   In contrast, the disciple Paul advised that Christians only need to concern themselves with providing food, shelter, and clothing and to make it a goal to live a quiet life.

Abraham: An example of Success

Abraham was a man very rich in favor with God and who lived a satisfied life because he placed his trust in God.  He was known as God’s friend.  He is guaranteed eternal life and the prosperity of offspring from many nations. Abraham did not set out to be a well known man. He lived with reverence to God at the forefront and God prospered him.

While there was a covenant or promise to Abraham about the sphere of influence that he would have,  we can also walk daily with God.  Our obedience and love allows us to standout to him among a world that is self focused. We can aim to get to know his standards and character. We can aim to quiet our mind from anxious worry about having the most in terms of wealth and status. Developing a prayerful attitude to appreciate a truly  successful life – one that is well watered with spiritual truth and peace of circumstances and mind.

Success is a Chaos Free Life

When we see how God measures success in terms of calm internal and external states, we understand that prosperity is not the trappings that we are taught to seek after. It is something less transient. It is something that has a permanence beyond the grave because it comes with the promise of eternal life.

When we focus on success God’s way we have the opportunity to have a long life with few regrets, because we avoid so many of the things that can cause heartbreak.   Instead, we continue to be filled with the fruit of the spirit which is abundant with peace, love and joy.

Ask anyone, wealthy or not, most would agree that to have sustained joy and good relationships far outweighs any awards for being first.  The key is knowing that success comes from knowing and walking with God, rather than focus on trappings that can be lost over night. The secure foundation provided by Christ and our heavenly father is the key to success and lasting life.





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