Are You Rapture Ready?

Are You Rapture Ready? October 13, 2023

Christians Will Be Gathered or Caught Up
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Recent predictions concerning a rapture in September have failed again. It is a claim made every few years by those who say they have heard from God or calculated its timing.  It often serves as popular fodder on social media where those ‘left behind’ banter about how foolish the claim makes Christians look. But is the rapture a biblical teaching?

The word rapture is not found in the bible. The meaning of the word, however, is.  ‘To be caught up’ is the meaning and it’s supported by scripture. For Christians, it is an assurance of hope, but its timing we have been instructed not to be preoccupied with.

What is the rapture?

There is debate concerning end times prophecy on whether the rapture will be prior to the tribulation or afterwards.  There are strong arguments on both sides. What we do know is that no one will escape the judgement whether we are able to predict an exact date or not. Jesus also provided signs for when events will signify his coming is near.  But what about the doctrine of being caught up in the air to meet Christ? And will all those who have faith actually reside in Heaven?

Christians worldwide are familiar with the apostle Paul’s teaching at, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, in which he visually describes what it will be like to be ‘caught up’ to Christ at his coming.  Because with God there is only order, it appears that scenes in which cars are evacuated of their drivers and mass confusion ensues may be heightened more by what we see in the movies. To Christians, Paul says we are to comfort one another with the scripture because it means we will be with the Lord always.

The point of the rapture is to be reunited with Christ then; not so much about avoidance of world events. It is certainly not about being able to determine when the event will happen, because some may have fallen asleep in death. Yet none will miss the time for Christ to gather his faithful believers.

Jesus Words Concerning His Second Coming

Jesus words, at Luke 17:34, are usually used to provide proof that their will be a great disappearance of believers.  Yet, the verses preceding also give us a clear picture of God’s ways and timing.  He speaks about Lot’s escape.  Lot, a God-fearing man, did not know about Sodom and Gomorrah’s judgement time until the Angels appeared at his door. Instead, during that time, people were busy with their daily lives and concerned with life events, such as marriage and real estate transactions.  Yet, most had been judge unworthy.  It was similar in the days of Noah. In fact, Christ warned that there will be many false Christs and those who are seeking His return who will give false reports.

Yet, Christ provides a visual of the gathering of saints that will be facilitated again by the angels.  While most events appear to be after significant signs in the sky and after the tribulation,  it is a matter of faith and preparation through obedience in our day. Because history proves that many of the events in Matthew 24 were detailing the siege of Jerusalem that happened in 70AD.

Today, no one knows the day or hour not even the angels in heaven.  Reiterated, in Matthew 24, is the fact that some will be left behind. Christ’s words were emphasizing the need to be ready in heart and deed.  These are the things which God is interested in.  Close proximity in relationship or familial status will not guarantee that one is judged worthy. So again, as did Paul, Christ warns us to be ready.

Readiness: More Important Than the Rapture

Our readiness to meet the Lord in the air, should we be alive at the time, is even more important than knowing if the rapture will be prior to the time of tribulation or on what date it will fall. Those who will not take part are listed as those who prefer sin, lack faith, and courage.

Those who are sealed with the holy spirit, and will have the mark of salvation, are assured that life in Heaven or on earth will be eternal.  In addition, we do not know the future of our own lifespan. We may be ones that have to be resurrected and then caught up.  So it is imperative that we accept God’s offer of salvation and not make a practice of sinful desires. It will not be a matter of staying up to watch the sky for Christ appearance or the rapture’s occurrence.  It will not even be a matter of getting our financial details in order.  Instead, like a faithful worker, it is a matter of day in and day out living with the hope of Christ and His father in our hearts.

We want to be ready regardless of when the rapture occurs.  There are blessings that we can receive now from such faith. It is also a matter of developing our character and hearts over a lifetime. Life itself is a gift that God chose not to take away from us and provided Christ to restore to us.  True followers are those who want to be led by God for eternity.

Granted, it will be the most momentous time in history, but it is one that is reserved for God’s knowledge. As things become more chaotic in the world, we lift up our heads with hope knowing that true life and peace await us eternally. Even if we should fall asleep in death, we will not be forgotten.



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