What is the Real Life?

What is the Real Life? November 10, 2023

The Real Life
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Have you ever heard the expression “the real life”?  What would you consider that to be? While some may equate “the real life” with success in material things and prominence, the bible describes the real life as the one to come – the eternal life. What might be appealing about this real life as opposed to our current existence? It might be worth it to find out.

Many believe that at death they are spirited away to heaven in a type of vague afterlife. There have been many reported near death experiences detailing encounters with God in heaven. However, the most reliable source about the real life is found in God’s word.   Jesus says the details included in God’s word are there for us to have assurance and to “marvel not”.

Foregleams of the Real Life Described

The earth was intended to be a paradise. It is the intended home of humans. While many focus on the heavenly realm after death, God’s word says that the earth will be here forever and that righteous people will inherit the earth. Read Psalms 37, which describes a time when only those judged worthy will be left to inherit the earth.

Imagine having the time to complete desired projects without tiredness, frustration, and the despair of not having one’s primary needs met. The bible describes that all will have housing, food, and be free from fear. Peace will prevail.  Love of neighbor will abound and memories of the painful past will be gone.

There is so much to imagine that we might do!  God is a creative spirit and He has endowed us with many of those creative traits. Have you ever wondered why he created so many planets and galaxies? We have eternity to find out and perhaps co-create with Him! Do you know that he placed eternity in your heart?  Glimpses of life, either in heaven or on earth, allow us to persevere through trials and strengthen our faith that this current life is not all there is.

Do You Believe in Eternity?

The first step in getting a hold on eternity is to believe. God’s word says that without faith it is impossible to please him well. Reading God’s word and meditating on His promises builds our faith and enables us to become the type of people that are right for God’s kingdom.  This kingdom is the one that will govern for eternity. This news of God’s kingdom is what Jesus shared while on earth. It is also our responsibility to share with others.

We are invited to test out God’s ways now and see the impact He can make in our life. Consider that His word has been found to be true in that death is a reality for all humans as a consequence of the first sin.  Christ resurrection is our assurance that what the bible says about eternal life, and the destruction of all pain and suffering, including future death is true. God is all powerful, has the desire to give eternal life to everyone, and is not a man that He should lie about what He plans to do.

The real life is where you will be able to truly explore all of your interests and not be limited by the current reality of time and aging. It makes living with the current frustrations and time restraints manageable. It takes the potentially extreme sorrow of death away. We are guaranteed to see our loved ones again and we are destined to live life as it was originally intended. Indeed a wonderful future is in store for those who believe God and place their future life prospects in His hands.

About Margaret Y. Buapim
Margaret Y. Buapim is a freelance writer and novelist. Her first novel, Ring Envy, is available wherever books are sold. You can read more about the author here.

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