Kabir Helminski is the author of Living Presence, The Knowing Heart,  Loves Ripening,  The Pocket Rumiand more.  He  has been a Shaikh of the  Mevlevi Order since 1990,  and co-director of The Threshold Society (  He also writes for The Times of India, Tikkun, and The Huffington Post.

Saimma Dyer is a Sufi-aspiring children’s publisher and project manager. When not busy organising interfaith events, she can be found exploring the Divine Feminine and how to be a Sufi Feminist.

Daniel Thomas Dyer is a writer, illustrator and co-founder of the children’s multi-faith publisher, Chickpea Press. He is a student of the Mevlevi path based on the teachings of Rumi, a member of Threshold Society, and a founding member of Rumi’s Circle.‎ He lives in the Lake District in the UK.

Anna Rohleder is a professional writer and journalist who has covered topics ranging from sustainable food systems to personal technology, art and music. An avid traveler, she has lived and worked in India and different parts of Europe. Anna now writes from Louisville, Kentucky.

Daliah Merzaban, a Canadian journalist, is currently a manager and editor for Bloomberg News in London, covering financial markets and economies in developing Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Also passionate about creative writing, Daliah blogs on Islamic spirituality in modern life for her personal page, Dew Point.

Mahmoud Mostafa, born in Egypt, has been on the Sufi path for more than twenty years. He currently lives in London where he is a guiding hand in the work of the Threshold Society.