Small Glimpses Many Times

Small Glimpses Many Times September 20, 2017

The main practice I teach is small glimpses many times, but sometimes one small glimpse changes everything. These shifts can be done in the midst of our daily life.

The reason the glimpses are small is that when we shift into awake awareness, our true nature, we let go of efforting and allow the new knowing to know on its own. We can’t use the effort of the egoic doer to help in any way. It can be helpful to begin our day with a twenty-minute session of awareness inquiry in order to tune into awareness-based knowing. We can finish this initial session by marinating in a new mode of perception, knowing, and identity, and by familiarizing ourselves with this way of being and seeing.

The practice of small glimpses many times during the day is what builds the new habit of knowing from awake awareness. This trains our brain to remain in it for longer periods of time. Eventually, we are able to glimpse even while standing in line at the grocery store or going for a walk. When the inertia of old habits returns you to ego-identification, you can say to yourself, “No big surprise, just re-recognize.” We realize that our quality of life is not dependent on the experiences arising in the world or our minds, but on the level of mind they are rising to. We can feel good even when we do not feel good.

For more, see Loch’s book and audio of meditations: Shift Into Freedom

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