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If this blog were a feature film, you’d be the audience. I’d be the multi-tasking, sleep-deprived, living-in-his-van, independent filmmaker with coffee breath, I suppose.

But a decent production needs so much more than you and me. It needs supporters, producers, and specialists.

Looking Closer is a blog I produce in my “spare time.” (I work full-time elsewhere, and I’m earning an MFA in Creative Writing on the side.) I need help to make it happen. And some of you are providing extraordinary support through donations to the cause.

You deserve creidt. So I’m thanking you in two different ways:

1. Those who make a contribution of $25 or more will become members of a private Facebook group called Looking Closer Specialists. These folks get previews up upcoming blog posts, posts-in-progress, and even certain Facebook posts; they can participate in chats that might eventually be published (with their permission) on the blog; and they will get to help me brainstorm improvements and innovations for the Looking Closer 3.0. which I hope to launch in the next 6 months. And more.

2. All contributors deserve credit. So everyone who donates gets their name listed below in The Opening Credits. Most contributors are credited here as crew members. Those who contribute substantially — $75 or more — are credited as cast members, producers, or co-directors.

Want to add your name to the list?

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Looking Closer with Jeffrey Overstreet

Written and Directed by Jeffrey Overstreet

Produced by Julie Silander and Benjamin Bronsink


Robert Denst as Bob the Firefighting Poet

Scott R. Tennant as Wes Thomas Malick


Location Scout – Andrew Caldwell

Foley Artist – Winston Chow

Orchestrator – Evan Cogswell

Hair Stylist – Peggy Harris

Colorist – Laure Hittle

Titles – Daniel Melville Jones

Computer Graphics Artist – Anna Lee Lonnevik

Still Photographer – Rosie Perrera

Rabbit Wrangler – Cynda Pierce

Focus Puller – Martin Stillion

Music Producer – Kerry Stubbs

Director of Photography – Joseph Susanka

Makeup Artist – Niels Vandereyken

Art Department – Dawn Wheat

Music Conductor and Choral Director – Joshua Wilson

Script Wreder – Clint Wrede

Special thanks to Anonymous.

No animals, artists, or bloggers were harmed in the production of this website.