Comment Policy

I welcome civil, constructive dialogue and debate in the Comments section. Comments are held for moderation until I can attend to them. I will post some — but not all — comments. Which comments will I approve? Those that answer “yes” to these three questions:

1) Is it about the subject at hand?

2) Does it convey a spirit of grace and respect?

3) Does it qualify as a question or a comment instead of a lecture, a rant, an essay, or a manifesto?

Three more things to note:

1) I reserve the right to highlight your comment — including your name —  in a future blog post… unless you specifically request otherwise.

2) I reserve the right not only to delete offensive comments, but to ban comment-posters who threaten civil discourse, in order to cultivate a welcoming, neighborly Looking Closer community.

3) Nothing I have said here so far suggests that I will discourage debate or delete contrary viewpoints. Debate is wonderful. Disrespectful debate is not.