Overstreet’s Favorite Films: 2014

the-strange-little-catIt’s time to publish the list version of the movies that inspired, impressed, and moved me most in 2014.

My original announcement of the list is here, and it includes some notes and reviews of the films included.

Annual Disclaimer: Notice, I didn’t say “the best films of 2014.” Nobody, not even the most experienced and devoted film scholar, can claim to report that.

We experience, interpret, and remember art as individuals with particular strengths, weaknesses, memories, loves, and fears. When we share what moves, inspires, challenges, discomforts, and offends us, we reveal a lot about ourselves.

I share this list so you know what meant the most to me in 2013. And if you want to understand why these films made an impression… well, that’s why I write reviews.

selma2There are a lot of important films I have yet to see.

This is an American Releases Edition: It includes only films that had their first commercial releases in the U.S. in 2013.

One more thing: If you want to understand the color-coding of the titles, as well as what this list really represents, read my introduction to the Looking Closer Favorite Films lists.

So, here they are: The films that inspired, moved, challenged, and intrigued me in 2014.

Red = Treasures, Purple = Favorites, Blue = Achievements,
Gray = Decent/Noteworthy, Green = Unseen or Undecided



1. The Strange Little Cat

2. Selma

3. Virunga

4. Two Days One Night

5. The Immigrant

6. The LEGO Movie

7. The Grand Budapest Hotel

8. Mr. Turner

9. Boyhood

10. Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey

11. Calvary

12. Song of the Sea

13. Inherent Vice

14. Journey to the West

15. A Most Wanted Man

16. Only Lovers Left Alive

17. Life Itself

18. Gloria

19. As It Is In Heaven

20. Whiplash

21. Gone Girl

14. Life Itself

15. Gloria

16. As It Is In Heaven

17. Whiplash

18. Noah

19. Interstellar

20. Jodorowsky’s Dune

21. Blue Ruin

22. Snowpiercer

23. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1

24. Edge of Tomorrow

25. The Babadook

26. Ida

27. Muppets Most Wanted

28. Finding Vivian Maier

28. Locke

29. Chef

30. The Trip to Italy

31. Birdman

32. American Sniper

33. Guardians of the Galaxy

34. Under the Skin

35. Stay tuned… more titles will be added soon.


(Films I saw in 2014 that are awaiting a commercial release in America either in theaters or on VOD.)

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