Careless Whispers book coverCareless Whispers (Muddy Waters Book 1)

By: Ed Stuteville
Publisher:Createspace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (August 9, 2015)

Brad Caldwell is a 33-year-old ex-convict who returns home to Etowah when he is pardoned by the Governor 15 years after being convicted of a murder he did not commit. Due to evidence that is uncovered when a mentally challenged man is discovered living in squalor after his older brother is sent to prison, the governor pardons Caldwell and the man is placed in a state hospital.





Chance of a Lifetime book cover

Chance Of A Lifetime: Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

By: Ed Stuteville

Publication date:May 12, 2015

Chance Murdoch is a 40 year-old single father of two. One day, after five years alone, he has a chance encounter with Amy, a woman from his past, twelve years his junior. Sparks are there from the moment their eyes meet and neither can deny the attraction. However, Chance has a few problems he must overcome before he can commit to a relationship with Amy. The first hurdle is Chance, himself. He isn’t sure he can date a woman so much younger. Second, is his ex-wife, who is bound and determined to see him as unhappy as she is. She will stop at nothing to keep the two of them apart, even if it means fabricating a story to win back custody of their children. The third hurdle to finding happiness with this new love is the hardest of all. Amy is his teen-aged daughter’s high school calculus teacher.



Forever And For Always

By: Ed Stuteville

Publication date:February 16, 2014

What would you do if your life, which was the stuff dreams are made of, was delivered a blow to the gut that would turn your charmed life into a hellish nightmare? Jeff and Susan Long had that life for years. They lived a life full of love, pain, happiness, disappointment and every emotion in between.
Separated by ten years in age, they found an uncommon love and built a love story that lasted for over 28 years. Bipolar Disorder, three children, grandchildren and a family that is not your typical family come together to tell this poignant story of how we all can find love in the strangest of places—like the bowling alley.