Jamie earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Communication Arts, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. She came out of that experience more confused than ever about religion and spirituality in her personal life. However, this doesn’t concern her because she believes life is a journey, and she will probably not find the “right” answer because she’s not sure there is a right answer out there. Her own beliefs are simple: be the best person you know how to be, understand that people are naturally flawed beings, and learn from every experience you are fortunate enough to have in this lifetime. She doesn’t know if there is one god, many gods, or no god, but she likes to think there is a supreme being of some sort watching over us all.

Jamie was raised Catholic but chose not to be confirmed into the Catholic church for several reasons. She never got involved with another organized religion because she believes faith and spirituality, in whatever form, are personal aspects of our lives and we can and should be able to worship our higher power in whatever way we see fit. She blogs about her own life and spiritual journey and the events and situations in which spirituality and faith can play a part. Since almost every aspect of life could be seen this way, you’ll get everything from family to professional life, traffic jams to mountain hikes, dogs to bicycles, and everything in between.

Note: Though Jamie isn’t sure if there are many gods, one god, no god, or some other undefined power, she does believe there is something other than humans out there. To simplify matters, and because she doesn’t know what else to call this higher power, she will refer to it as “god.”

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