Glass No More: A New Dawn for Women and the World

Glass No More: A New Dawn for Women and the World July 27, 2016

Glass No More_A New Dawn for Women and the World

Whomever you choose to vote for this November, the fact that last night a woman became the presidential candidate of a major party is historic.

This sea change will have a ripple effect throughout generations — present, future and past. A female presidential candidate has shattered the next glass ceiling of what being a woman on this planet has signified. No longer can we say that that will never happen; no longer can we say that women aren’t cut out for this; no longer can we imply that women are less qualified than men.

A new era has begun, and we got to bear witness, live, from anywhere. The future is ever evolving and we’re creating it moment by moment, decision by decision, action by action. Girls and women across the globe have the opportunity to embody the light of this new dawn. One event can cut the bondage of limitation, perceived and perpetuated. Simultaneously, one event got to make the difference it did because of centuries of courage, known and unknown, to give a voice to the divine feminine.

Generations past of women who advocated for gender equality across the board are cheering. And our sisters in the 21st century and beyond have to make sure that culture keeps evolving, that love keeps growing, that equality keeps thriving.

I’m proud to be a woman at this point in time. I know I’m a steward of the rights and responsibilities I’ve been given by the ones who walked before me. And I’m grateful to feel my inner superwoman being nurtured by the seismic shifts happening for women, by women. Glass no more.

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