High Lights: Belinda Womack and the Wisdom of the 12 Archangels

High Lights: Belinda Womack and the Wisdom of the 12 Archangels July 14, 2016

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I’m thrilled to be kicking off the High Lights interview series with Belinda Womack. You’ll fall in love with Belinda’s story and the gifts she’s got to share! A former cell biologist, Belinda has been working with the angelic realm since Archangel Gabriel drafted her into service straight out of the lab she was doing experiments in 25 years ago. I love the cosmic giggle when left-brain scientists are directed to tap their right-brain powers.


Belinda Womack. Credit: Pierce Studio.
Belinda Womack. Credit: Pierce Studio.

Belinda counsels people individually and offers guidance through her books and workshops, both online and in person. I’ve personally had sessions with Belinda & the Archangels and can speak to the increased clarity and ensuing accelerated cleansing process that’s helped flush out patterns that no longer served me. I’ve also remembered to trust the unseen forces wholeheartedly, rather than occasionally. In fact, this is the big nugget I’d like you to take away from this piece: reconnect with your true nature and root down into that center. The Archangels offer massive support, and if that’s a path that resonates with you, dive into Belinda’s work.

Speaking of diving and swimming, I love the oceans of light Belinda talks about as remedies to clear outdated patterns. Ruby light, for instance, represents the Divine Feminine and helps us receive in new energy. Sapphire blue and gold light are associated with the focused, positive mind of the Divine Masculine. Add in brilliant turquoise light for the energy of success.

The purpose of swimming in the oceans of light or taking light showers is to release the negatives of the past/past lives that are holding us back in the present. That’s certainly been true for me! “We’re purging deep down in our subconscious the memories of pain, violence, torture,” Belinda says. “Let’s stop living in the past.” As we’re cleansing away the old, we’re moving into a future where we can create a reality of love. Belinda’s book, Lessons From The 12 Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life, is abundant with practical exercises on which color baths work best to improve certain behaviors. The sun-gold ocean dappled with violet light is certainly one I like to rejuvenate in. Check out her book trailer.


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Sharing your fears and blocks can be scary so you want to make sure you’re opening up to someone you can trust. Belinda’s as loving, pure, and present as they come. You may choose to book a session with her.

Recently, Belinda was also a guest on Dr. Christiane Northrup’s wonderful radio show Flourish, which I’m grateful I could help make happen. You can catch that episode in the archives of Hay House Radio.

Now I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy our High Lights. You you get from this exactly what you need right now. Feel free to share your questions and comments on social. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


1) When did you first notice that you have the capacity to commune with beings that are beyond human, animal, plant?

When I was very young, I could see ghosts and hear spirits. As an adult, I had a flashback memory of seeing Angels shortly after my birth. My biggest WOW was when I was working as a biologist and had a visit from Archangel Gabriel. This is the experience that changed my vocation and my life. I was around 28 when this happened.


2) What does communicating with the Archangels feel like? And is there such a thing as a typical conversation?

Communicating with the Archangels feels like being lifted up from a bad mood, that feeling when happiness just fills your entire body and everything is wonderful and positive. The Angels send their answers to me in a clear knowing that comes with a feeling that says, “this is true and I can trust that it is true.” For me, personally, the Angels have been incredibly patient at reminding me and proving to me that they “have my back.” 


3) Do the Archangels talk to you all the time or do you actively call them in?

We are long time friends now. We stay connected on different levels and our communication is on going. This is a bit like breathing. The air is always there for us to breathe. Angels are always present for us to communicate with them and once this becomes comfortable and “normal,” it is just like breathing. 


4) What are the top 3 messages the Archangels want us to know?

That we are never alone. We are surrounded by Angels and our helpers in Heaven at all times and in all situations. 

We create our reality (the outer experiences that happen in our lives) with our thoughts and beliefs. Many of these beliefs are trapped in the subconscious and so they ask us to use their tools to reach these negative and limiting beliefs so we can transform them.

Vibration is everything. We want to fill our vessels (bodies and minds) with the vibration of pure LOVE. This is love that is unconditional. To do this, we need to learn and to practice that we are God’s (the Creator’s) Divine Children. 


5) A lot of people battle with anxiety; what’s the Archangel method to live in peace on earth?
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6) What’s the Archangels’ advice on how to live happier, healthier lives?

The 12 Archangels invite us to heal our lives by working with their lessons. They lead us on a journey to discover locked up pain and layers of negative belief patterns that block us from experiencing the benefits of our divinity. As we transform these lower vibration feelings and thoughts, we begin to experience true and lasting abundance. They invite all of us to remember our true identity and resurrect the joy and freedom that comes with being a Divine child of the Universe. 

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Belinda Womack is the author of “Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life,” Bear & Co. To learn more about Belinda, her online and audio classes and private sessions or to read her blog, visit www.BelindaWomack.com.

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