Score 53-7; Winner still TBD

Score 53-7; Winner still TBD January 2, 2014

Kathryn Jean Lopez has a post over at NRO on Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s recent decision to grant a temporary injunction in a lawsuit over the administration’s abortion and contraception pill mandate. Lopez emphasizes an amazing statistic from our friends over at Alliance Defending Freedom:

Alliance Defending Freedom – which is representing clients suing the Obama administration, including Conestoga Wood Specialties, run by a Pennsylvania Mennonite family, whose case will be reviewed along with Hobby Lobby’s religious-liberty claim during the spring term — points out today that the Obama administration has suffered a bit of a losing streak in the courts on its abortion-drug, contraception, sterilization Obamacare Department of Health and Human Services mandate. By ADF’s tally, 88 percent of the court decisions on the mandate in 2013 went against the administration: 53–7.

Obviously, we know better than to read too much into the tea leaves when it comes to what SCOTUS will decide. Still, these are encouraging signs in advance of perhaps the most significant religious freedom cases to appear before the Court in years. Read the full column here.

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