Awakening the Seer inside of me: Teaching seidr for the first time since 2014

Awakening the Seer inside of me: Teaching seidr for the first time since 2014 August 24, 2022

Katie Gerrard, seidr

The last time I taught an intensive seidr course was in 2014. I found a community centre in North London and offered a limited number of spaces (I think it was ten). Apologising for the small number available, I made the promise of another opportunity soon for those who missed out.

Eight years and a pandemic later and I’m finally making good on that promise!

The addition of Zoom to the internet has really helped my ability to do this. I’m delighted to be able to teach from the comfort of my living room to yours. And you can book tickets via this link

However, I really have Andre Henriques, my co-facilitator in this program to thank for encouraging and making this happen. And of course, the wonderful Treadwells bookshop who played host and encourager to the 2009 rune course which became the book Odin’s Gateways.

As the course blurb states:

“Seidr is a set of Scandinavian shamanistic practises involving oracle and trace. It works on the path of the volva – volvas being the norse shamans who foresaw the threads of fate while in a heightened state, giving advice to members of their communities.”

Andre, who researched seidr for his MA thesis, will be covering the historical practice of seidr and the cosmology and mythology of the nine worlds of the Norse.

I’ll be covering the practical side, with guided journeys and information on how to put together your own rites. For those who are lucky to live close enough, you can also attend the optional in person ritual held by Treadwells; who played host to so many of the seidr rites which went on to become ‘Seidr: The Gate is Open”

Tickets have sold slightly faster than we were anticipating so there are only a couple left for the online only option, and a handful for the online and in person option.

Realistically, it may be awhile before I teach Seidr again. Athough I am starting an online monthly group in September Bennu’s Table. The first event has unfortunately sold out, but tickets are available for October and November). More information on this in a future post!

Treadwells bookshop has been a part of the Bloomsbury esoteric community for nearly two decades. It has hosted many speakers and rites. Since 2020 their online courses have flourished so do take a moment to look at their other offerings, especially Academic Study of Western Esotericism which starts in November.

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Author of "Seidr: The Gate is Open" and "Odin’s Gateways", Katie Gerrard is a witch working as a hypnotherapist, yoga teacher and workshop facilitator. You can read more about the author here.

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