About Me

“They said, “You can’t call your Patheos blog that!”

And you know what, just because I shouldn’t doesn’t mean I can’t.

That’s the way I’ve lived my pagan career. Lots of people telling me I can’t do something or there are more appropriate people to do it.

I should be going down the path my forebears already carved out for me.

But there were berries on the other track. Big ones. Juicy and possibly poisonous. That was where I wanted to be.

Now I’m apparently an elder. I have decade-old books published to prove it. People tell others they were trained by me. Yet I still can’t stop hunting for the fruit on the tall trees, in the alleyways, under the thorns. If you don’t know my name, that’s why. I forgot to fortify my brand and grow fans, or rather I just didn’t want to.

Who am I?

I’m a Wiccan by lineage. Once upon a time, I ran a longstanding coven with Alexandrian lineage, but it wasn’t an Alexandrian coven, it was ours. We made it our own.

I’m also a heathen, but I don’t fit neatly into the expectation of what a heathen should be, so I don’t always call myself that.

I’m pagan. I work with the old gods, and for me mostly that means the Nordic gods. I’ve dedicated myself to Odin and Freyja.

I’m a Seer. I’m cyclothymic bipolar. I’m ice and fire.

I follow my heart and while doing so I also undertake a bucket ton of research. I talk to people, I borrow, I squish ideas together and grow the seeds the gods plant within my soul.

I can follow rules, but I don’t follow expectations. Stereotype me at your peril.”