Working with the Jera Rune for Abundance at the Autumn Equinox

Working with the Jera Rune for Abundance at the Autumn Equinox September 20, 2023

Working with Abundance has been a big part of my magical practise recently, and what better time to work with abundance than at the Autumn (or Fall) Equinox.

The three runes I’ve been working with are Feoh (for the easy come – easy spent wealth), Jera (bringing a bountiful harvest from all my hard work), and Wunjo (for inviting the abundance of pleasure into my life)

For the first time in many years, next month I’ll be running an in person workshop on runes exploring these three runes.

Jera represents the harvest

Some say the shape of the rune looks like ears of grain (for example wheat or rye) within the field.

In the Elder Futhark it comes directly after the Isa rune – the ice, or the big winter freeze.

In fact, it follows not just one winter rune but three – with Hagalaz of the hail (which I wrote about previously here) and Need of poverty and well… need coming before it.

Which means it’s usually a very welcome rune to see within a divination reading.

It represents the full growing time, which in Scandinavia is shorter than it is in the UK, the point where the ground is soft enough to plough, to plant, and to grow crops within.

Our work, once the Jera rune has arrived, will be fruitful.

It can also represent the harvests itself. At the Autumn Equinox we’re harvesting the apples, which were in abundance during my stay in Avalonia a few weeks ago.

The Anglo Saxon rune poem tells us:

“Year brings hope for men

When gods in heaven permit the earth to give forth bright crops for rich and poor”

And the Norse rune poem says

“Ar is a boon to men
I say that Frothi was generous”

(Frothi was a king who was known for his benevolence)

So the Jera rune can be worked with to bring forth abundance

Either to spark the abundance from the work, time, and money you’ve already ploughed into projects, or to ensure the work you are about to put in will bring forth abundance and success.

Here’s how you can work with it:

Manifesting Jera through “eating”

Drawing the Jera rune onto food (whilst chanting it for extra efficiency) means you can bring that energy of the rune inside of you.

You can ice the rune onto a biscuit (cookie) or onto a cake.

For extra Autumn Equinox points you can carve it into the side of an apple and eat the apple.

Or you can bake bread and chant the Jera rune whilst you’re kneading the dough.

Rune magic drawings

You can draw the rune, and then write what you want to harvest around the Jera rune. You can even spell the words out using runes. Consider how you want to structure the drawing, you could put the things you want to harvest dropping off the Jera rune as though it’s wheat falling off the shaft. Or you could use the harvest words a beams of sunlight coming off the Jera rune, or even as roots spreading downwards from the Jera rune.

Enter your workspace through a Jera runic doorway

Chant the Jera rune whilst drawing it in the air. Then visualise that rune growing larger to become a doorway. Use that doorway to step into your work space, possibly at the threshold of your office, or just in front of your work area. The work you do during that day (or session) will be blessed with the Jera rune and bring extra levels of success and abundance!

I’m currently running an Inviting Abundance peer support group for creative and spiritual sole traders and small business owners. The next cohort starts in January.

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