About us: Manly Training Ministries was launched in the summer of 2015 as a community for Pastors, Church Leaders, bloggers, and TV/Radio host rock stars, Manly Training is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from all around the world who understand the importance of Training Men according to God’s design.

“The purpose of Manly Training Ministries (MTM) is to Train Men in ways that equip them for leadership within their sphere of influence. We want men from all walks of life to become the men that God created us to be so that we can make a meaningful impact on the younger generations”.

– Eduardo Quintana (founder)

Men have several roles to play during their lifetime. Some of these roles include husband, father, friend, grandfather, neighbor and many more! But one of the most important roles men are called to fill is that of a spiritual leaders! And who is teaching men how to do that? Most men today have learned how to be a father and a husband by watching TV sitcoms! Let me tell you, our wives and children deserve better than that!

I encourage you to follow the principles outlined in Manly Training. If you need help, if you want to help, and if you believe we can make a difference, then jump right in! We have no time to waste! Our Communities need you, our families need you and our country needs you. It has been said that as the family goes, so goes the nation. A sobering thought don’t you think?

Where do I begin?



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