How to Accomplish Democratization of Enlightenment? Part 1

How to Accomplish Democratization of Enlightenment? Part 1 December 16, 2013

How do we accomplish the democratization of enlightenment?

The answer to the “how” question is twofold. One is intention, the other is practice. Intention means I intend towards my enlightenment. My intention is not merely to obey the rules. My intention is not merely to satisfy my egoic need to be part of the whole. My intention is not merely to be in alignment with the law.

My intention is to realize the true nature of my identity and to have my goodness, my virtue, my love, my passion and compassion emerge naturally, spontaneously, organically from my true essence. My intention is to realize that I am actually commanded by my essence, and that the command of my essence — the invitation of my essence, or the Eros of my essence — is far more powerful and transformative than any externally imposed command.

So the beginning of the “how” question is this: I set my intention towards my enlightenment — but not my enlightenment in the kind of narcissistic narrow way, or, in other words, the pursuit after a spiritual materialism. But rather, I set my intention in love to realize my true nature for the sake of the All. To set that intention, to actually live in a larger, Kosmocentric context in which I experience myself as part of the All, I begin to identify with that evolutionary impulse or imperative that lives in me, and I align with it. In other words, I align with the ecstatic, urgent God-impulse that invites my highest creativity.

That intention, the intention of that alignment, is what allows me to actually transcend my small Self, my Separate Self, and to experience the wonder, the power, the glory, the ecstasy, the delight, the natural rightness of my larger Self; of my location within the evolutionary context; of my identification with the evolutionary impulse, my incarnation as a Unique Self; as a unique expression and a personal essence of All-That-Is.

All that is in my intention. Intention is everything. Intentionality, my kavanah, where I’m trying to go.

The Hebrew word Torah means something like the Tao, the teaching. One of the four different meanings of the word Torah is yoveh, which means the ‘intended trajectory; i.e. where I intend to go, what my conscious intention is, including the clarifying of my unconscious intention, and the deconstruction and integration of my shadow.

So this is half the story, because all this has been the first part of the “How.”

Continued in Part 2… (Coming Soon)

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