Unique Self – A Puzzle Piece Held In the Larger Puzzle

Unique Self – A Puzzle Piece Held In the Larger Puzzle January 3, 2016

The Third Experience of Self: Unique Self

by Marc Gafni

A puzzle piece, which fits perfectly into, and is held by, the larger puzzle.

The third experience of self, Unique Self, is your unique expression of True Self. It is both your unique perspective and your unique intimacy. As Unique Self you realize, while the universe is seamless, it does have features. You are a unique feature of the universe. You have a distinctive personal quality. If your name were Liza, your distinctive personal quality would be your unique Liza-ness. The universe wants to Liza through you. In spiritual terms, we would say God is having a Liza-experience through you living your Unique Self.

You experience yourself as a puzzle piece uniquely connected to the larger puzzle. This experience of your Unique Self is the beginning of wholeness. You’re connected to the larger puzzle through your very precise and unique contours, the jagged edges of your puzzle piece. As your Unique Self, you realize that uniqueness does not foster alienation; quite the opposite, uniqueness is the currency of connection. You connect with others through the unique perspective and uniquely intimate personal quality that form your Unique Self. Your Unique Self experiences True Self through your irreducibly, unique perspective and unique intimacy. As we’ve seen, your Unique Self is the portal to the outrageous love, which is the evolutionary Eros that lives as the essential nature of all reality. Unique Self has the capacity to form Evolutionary We Space. The unique, puzzle-piece essence of you naturally completes some dimension of the larger puzzle, merging with all other puzzle pieces, and locating itself within the larger context without losing its unique identity. Unique Self then fully awakens as Evolutionary Unique Self.

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