A PSA for All My Dear Feminist Allies

A PSA for All My Dear Feminist Allies May 4, 2014

I originally posted this on Facebook, but here I paste it too:

I’m not a very social person. I usually avoid others when I can. I get cranky and angry when I am forced to spend a great amount of time in society. I prefer living inside my room and devoting my time to reading and writing. Making friends is a painful and slow process. I watch porn. I masturbate. A lot. I still live with my parents. I don’t have a choice but if I did I would still want to live with my patents. I am single. Romantic relationships are even slower and more painful of a process.

As far as I know, these facts do not affect your life at all. Also none of them are morally wrong. I have been a vocal feminist all my life. I have never made lewd comments about women online or in real life. I have never left hateful comments on people’s blogs. I have never been a men’s rights activist.

So, when you are ridiculing sexist people, please stop ridiculing them by saying “get outside a bit, you still live with your mum and jerk off, hahaha.” I have seen many people do so. It is a meme. But don’t. Social people are not better people than me. The fact that I have made a conscious choice to prefer books and video games to parties and walking outside does not make me an inferior entity.

It’s possible that some sexists are like that. I’m sure some of them have very active social lives as well.

And what is really painful is not only that you correlate people like me and sexists, but that you use US to insult THEM. What is wrong with them is not that they are sexist assholes who send hate mail, no, they are losers who live with their parents haha. This basically places me at a LOWER human level than them, because they are shamed by being described to resemble me.

Please stop doing this and making this joke. It is old, cliché, not funny, and potentially insulting to people who are your allies. Thank you very much.

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