The Real Benghazi Scandal

The Real Benghazi Scandal May 19, 2014

This was originally a Facebook status but I decided it merits a blog post, although it’s short.

The Republican obsession with the Benghazi “scandal” might seem like an amusing thing, but there is real moral failure at the heart of it. The Libyan government has declared a no-fly zone above the city, and there has been many attacks between Islamists and militias, and 43 innocent people were killed, and 100 injured. Benghazi is a very unstable city, and real catastrophe is going on.

The GOP has appropriated the very word Benghazi and instead of paying attention to the real crisis, the word bring a faux scandal to mind. Benghazi should be about the pain of Libyans.

Also, please stop saying 4 people were killed in Benghazi attack. 14 people were killed. Those 10 other people were Libyan security forces fighting for the safety of the Americans and they sacrificed their lives. Remember them. [Edit: I’m sorry, but this is a factual error. The security forces were killed the same day but in separate attacks].

That’s all.

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