“Happy” People Are Released, Rouhani Reacts

“Happy” People Are Released, Rouhani Reacts May 21, 2014

Well, the young people who were arrested for “Happy” video are now released.

I’m happy to see Rouhani is reacting as well.

This is a very obvious allusion to the “Happy” arrests, and a reminder of his own campaign promise. Plus, I was reading pro-Rouhani papers and they all condemned the arrests. If they had ignored them, then it’d be a sign that the powers above are stopping them, but now that they are reacting things look better. Rouhani administration failed when it came to Hatami kiss fiasco, happy to see him back in action and doing the right thing.

I had no doubt that they would be release very soon. The regime never keeps people with such offenses in jail for a long time, especially when there is so much international attention. I think the arrest and Rouhani’s reaction can be put into context – the right wingers are clashing with Rouhani over hijab. They have chosen the correct issue, because all the clergy in Qum are against relaxing the police brutality over hijab, and Rouhani needs their support desperately. I think he will continue to tread lightly, trying to defend his moderate values while not going on an all out war on this.

However, there’s no doubt that the tensions over this issue are getting high. It began with a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Interior against Rouhani, and things have escalated.

Let’s see what happens next.

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