Link Round-Up 5/25/2014

Link Round-Up 5/25/2014 May 24, 2014

Headline: You already know that the great and awesome Heina Dadabhoy is coming to Freethough blogs and I’m so excited. Read this piece on New York Time. It’s a great profile on her.

Story of the week: Islamophobia. I’ve been in Iran all my life. Naturally I’ve never encountered it, but it’s real and needs to be discussed in a rational way. The best people to do so are “the Ex-Muslims of North America” who include my friend Marwa Berro and other awesome people. They discuss the term and their own experience and generally you really need to read this. My dear friend Dan Fincke also discusses the topic rationally and makes an argument I agree with. James Croft provides an example.

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Have you ever wondered Why Monstrously Large Insects And Spiders Don’t Exist?

I found this HuffingtonPost article on the significane of a Neranda Modi win by Dileep Padgaonkar very educative.

Stanley Kubrick explains the meaning of life in comic form.

I laughed so much at these reactions to the name of the new Batman and Superman movie.

If you want to learn about new Egypt, turn to BBC. Here they explain How genuine is Egypt’s election contest? (spoiler warning: not much) and this is a very expansive and great profile on Abdul Fattah al-Sisi the current dictator.

Herb Silverman recounts six of his interactions with Muslims. Powerfully written.

Adam Lee argues that Boko Haram Is an Islamic Terrorist Group. Chuck that to “things that everyone should know already serious what the fuck”.

A great article on Stendhal and his The Red and the Black by Adam Michnik.

An upcoming documentary on women in metal. Looking forward to it. (I’m love with Epica myself).

Skepchick has a new contributor. Let’s welcome her!

I love this article by Greta Christina. Can We Rationally Accept Our Irrationality?

This is so full of chuckles: Japanese Games with Unfortunately Perverted-Sounding Titles

I really agree with article. Reading it was cathartic. It is about how Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler keep shitting on poor Bill Ward. “If the band do another another I half expect it to be a Taylor Swift-type thing where they just write a bunch of stuff about how he doesn’t call them anymore and they miss the smell of his cologne on stage. Unless the next post is something like Bill Ward rejoins Black Sabbath to record quintuple album, or even Bill Ward has enough of Ozzy and punches him in the face, then I am not interested.”

Jonathan MS Pearce manages to scare me of UKIP even more.

Miri is a great writer who captures topics that are beyond my understanding quite brilliantly. This piece on depression is one of them.

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