I Will Miss the Honor of Being on the Same Network as Kate Donovan

I Will Miss the Honor of Being on the Same Network as Kate Donovan June 24, 2014

Kate Donovan is leaving FTB to host her own weblog. Via her goodbye post:

Hello, wonderful commenters, readers, and other-people-peering-at-this.

I’m writing with bittersweet news: G&H is moving, this time to a standalone location. I have adored being here. I have gotten to write next to some of my favorite people in the world, and it has been and important and warm and loving community. There aren’t grand reasons I’m moving–it’s just that as time has passed, I’ve been writing to an increasingly different audience, and having my own space seems an inevitable, but sad part of that.

So. With that, I’ll see you over here.

So make sure to set your bookmarks and to change your bookmarks and RSS subscription. Shouldn’t miss her blog posts! She already has uploaded a new article too.

I completely understand her reasons for moving and fully support them, of course, but the truth is that FTB will become less rich by losing such a voice as hers, and I will certainly miss and regret the fact that I can’t claim that I’m on the same network.

Since I became familiar with atheist blogsphere through Facebook and Twitter and later joined FTB, catching up on all the things I had missed, I have been involved with many bloggers, and many of them have greatly influenced the way I look at the world. I’m sure you can see by my posts that Dan Fincke and Miri Mogilevsky are among them. One of the chief influences of mine has been Kate. I couldn’t even write responses to her or to acknowledge where exactly her writing shaped my thought, because the learning has been completely one way: I have learned and she has taught. And I have learned much from her.

Kate is compassionate, rational, a great writer, and a great teacher. I will make sure to continue to learn from her.

Also this is a video I found very useful and taught me a lot. Make sure to watch it.

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