Check Out Avicenna’s Very Important Post on a Rape Case in Afghanistan

Check Out Avicenna’s Very Important Post on a Rape Case in Afghanistan July 21, 2014

This is really important. I wanted to put it in my link round ups, But Avicenna brought up some major concerns in Facebook so I decided to do the best I can. Please share this as it needs to be read. This is the post: No Honour – The men have to wash their shame with blood. It deals with this piece of news:

The story goes as follows. A 10 year old girl was raped by Mullah Mohammed Amin in a mosque. The mullah claims it was consensual which is puzzling. Since this is rape and in Afghanistan? The spectre of honour crime raises it’s head. Family members openly planned to kill the girls. In order to protect her, the rapist agreed to marry his victim.

The girl was moved from the local shelter where she was staying and returned to her family. The legal ruling in Afghanistan is that no shelter can keep a woman if her family demands her back. The workers at the shelter believe that she is at risk.

Dr. Hassina Sarwari runs Women for Afghan Women. Remember how A Voice for Men guffawed about the lack of feminists in Afghanistan? Hassina Sawari is such a feminist.

Hassina has been recieving death threats from… pretty much everyone. She is one of the people who ran the shelter. In order to play down the rape, both sides have gotten involved as such a case brings great shame to the family and the Mullahs (for reasons only understandable to Pashtun honour culture). Sarwari was forced into hiding by threats from the girl’s family and mullahs. The Mullah defence is that the girl is actually older than 10. She has recieved threatening text messages.

Dr. Sarwari wishes to flee Afghanistan, her life in peril.

But Avicenna’s excellent post covers much more than that, providing context, nuance, everything. Should be considered one of the greatest posts I’ve read.

Why it is so important and why I thought it’s urgent to post it? These are what Avicenna said in a Facebook discussion:

I actually regularly point out that my REAL blog posts are thoroughly ignored. Everyone likes the drama, no one likes the stuff. So for every accusation of “drama blogging” I have like ten different posts of stuff I think is rather cool or rather important that never gets read by all the naysayers who keep telling everyone that I drama blog only.

Yesterday I wrote about an aquaintance getting turfed out of Afghanistan for trying to ssave a 10 year old girl from her rapists who is a Mullah. Afghan Government Officials sent her death threats, Taliban sent her death threats, The Mullah send her death threats and the Child’s Family sent her death threats.

WE don’t know if the child is alive anymore. Just that her family was planning to kill her and the child was given back to them.

Nope. People wanted to discuss Jaclyn… The things that hit and miss and go viral are so weird that I have no ideaa what is and what isn’t good blogging anymore.

Yeah considering I had to read the medical examination of a 10 year old rape victim…. That was fun….

But such is the issue with blogs. You never know what will go viral. Some of the stuff that goes viral has me going “Seriously? I wrote that on a train because I was bored”.

So, read it, share it, let everyone know about it.

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