Link Round Up 7/26/2014

Link Round Up 7/26/2014 July 26, 2014

The Story of the Week: Our friends over at Skptic Ink publish a joint book. Read about it here. Skeptic Ink writers visit Skeptic Canary Show to discuss their new book. I personally don’t have access to the book, but you might want to check it out.

Other Story of the Week: Make sure to continue reading the Ex-Hijabi Photo Journal. This is Mahmoud’s story about sneaking in food, for example.

Tommy Ramone Dies at 65; He Gave Punk Rock Its Pulse

Lilandra chronicles the online abuse that she gets.

Ed Brayton asks: Are the Least Serious Christians the Most Defensive?

A collection of Bill Maher’s New Rules on religion.

Men Who Stare at Facts

Notung argues for assisted dying.

Miri shares her thoughts on Ethics, Feelings, and Skyrim.

Dan Fincke argues: “Why Do We Need Feminism, Shouldn’t We Just Be Humanists and Equalists?”

RIP Nadine Gordimer, 1923–2014

I mean, revolutions are just a theory, no?

Infidel753 knows whom to blame for MH17 disaster.

10 Memorable Moments When Religion Was Criticized on TV. 

John Kerry’s Afghan deal and chance of success.

John le Carré on Philip Seymour Hoffman

Hemant Mehta on  Backhanded Compliment: “You’re One of the Good Atheists.” Of course, I AM one of the good atheists. *tee hee*

How to Lose a Friendship With One Link Share

A very sweet account by Libby Anne about her son breaking away from arbitrary gender norms.

Why people who oppose nuclear talks are wrong: Iran completes process of eliminating enriched uranium

Raise Your Hand If You’ve Read Knausgaard by Tim Parks. I haven’t, but this article makes want to.

Qatar, China, and Turkey can serve as intermediary in Israel-Palestine cease fire talks. But none of them are a simple case.

So Will MH17 air crash damage Russia’s Putin?

Read Avicenna’s narrative of Israel-Palestine conflict.

Kate Donovan tackles the question of allies and how they can help marginalized groups.

Final Fantasy XIV Players Put On Virtual Gay Pride Parade.

The Digital Cuttlefish defends atheism from some bizarre arguments.

Dana Hunter reminds us why geology is so necessary.

Miri debunks 4 myths about polyamory.

I’m not a fan of the dismissive tone and attitude of this post by John W. Loftus, but it still provides an interesting anecdote.

Salafi woman turned atheist recounts her journey from Egypt Independent.

I had no idea about “the Amazing Atheist”. But according to these articles by Ed Brayton and Greta Christina is objectively an awful person and should be avoided.

Now this Civil War reenactment of atheist in-fighting is just weird.

The 2014 Venice Film Festival Complete Lineup: 

Niel Carter offers his nuanced and intriguing answer to the question “Where Does an Atheist Find Purpose?”

Pakistan is a country where liberal journalists risk death. 

A very interesting Cracked article about Realities of Being Gay in a Country Where It’s Illegal.

A very interesting piece about Keats’s political views.

Apparently there’s this movie which falsely accuses Jimi Hendrix of abuse, and they even threaten the “abuse” victim with lawsuit for denying this. Well, manke sure not to check out this garbage.

Why women participate in patriarchy? An interesting response.

The Russian Public Has a Totally Different Understanding of What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

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