Link Round-Up 8/17/2014

Link Round-Up 8/17/2014 August 18, 2014

Story of the week: Robin Williams passed away. David Wong of Cracked has a moving article on the link between comedy and depression. Salon has an interesting compilation of his best moments and Vulture has more moments. Jerry Coyne has the best overview of the reactions of the atheist community to his death. Ashley Miller discusses the role of depression in the light of his death. This is some teachers inspired by his role in Dead Poets Society, a sentiment I expressed in my own obituary as well.

JT Ebehard and Dan Fincke have both touching tributes.

Lauren Bacall was another great actor we lost. Here is a review of her great career. Richard Brody explains how being a strong woman shaped her career. This NPR article includes some of her interview highlights. But my favorite article after her death was Amy Davidson’s. And you can see her life narrated in pictures.

I like NoCrossNoCrescent’s take on fasting.

Hiba Krisht shows the real meaning of “no compulsion” verse on Ophelia Benson’s blog.

Mana Neyestani is a great Iranian cartoonist and you need to check out his works.

Dan Fincke has Philosophical Advice For Overcoming Intellectual Insecurity.

Greta Christina’s take on Lydia Bennett is very interesting.

– Some Observations by Notung

Welcome Neil Carter to Patheos, one of the best atheist bloggers out there without a doubt.

The real reason conservatives hate Neil deGrasse Tyson is not that he is smug.

Some atheist humor to cheer you up.

BBC has a report about the stigma of atheism in USA, which is interesting in juxtaposition to these graphs showing how religion has declined.

Robert Ingersoll was very ahead of his time on the question of feminism and this is a great account of that.

Avicenna has many good qualities and humor is one of them.

SINergy is Skeptic Ink’s New Vodcast/Podcast so it must be interesting.

Have you ever considered Jesus’s story under this light?

Read Aiofe’s very touching article about death and atheism.

Read Hiba Krisht’s touching account of what it means to be a Muslim woman.

Some movies shouldn’t be explained. Learn that, nerds.

Alex Gabriel provides to us the backstage account of his banner for the new Ex-Muslim blogs and it’s a very interesting analysis.

Dan Fincke on why you shouldn’t forbid philosophers or philosophies.

I agree with Infidel753 about Iraq. Also about Putin.

PZ Myers has an interesting attitude towards the question “is Dawkins an asset or a liability” I think (although I’d personally say he’s very obviously a great asset).

A good article on how Nouri al Maliki was a pain in the ass.

Wole Soyinka speaks the eloquent truth about religion and violence.

Hiba Krisht discusses how the Islamic hegemony relies on discrimination of mental illness on an ideological level.

Rebecca Bradley discusses an insidious debate tactic of the religious.

This might be my favorite Cracked article ever: 6 Ways a Creationist Textbook Sabotaged Science

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