Movie to Look Forward to: Humbling

Movie to Look Forward to: Humbling September 5, 2014

Philip Roth is a great author, and Humbling is a great novel, a masterpiece. When I heard that it’s going to be adapted into a film and Al Pacino is playing the lead, I was very excited, as Pacino really is the perfect choice, I even imagined the protagonist as Pacino when I read the novel. How awesome is that? When you read a novel, imagine an actor as the perfect person who should play the role, and the exact person is cast?

The director is Barry Levinson. He seems to have good films and bad films in his resume, and a lot of classics that vary radically in the genre, but if he’s a director who knows how to direct, I think it all depends on the screenplay and how good it has translated the novel into the film. The writer Buck Henry has Catch-22 in his resume which is a great adaptation of another masterpiece novel. Greta Gerwig is a great actress who has shined in Noah Bambauch’s Greenberg and especially Frances Ha and deserves much more respect and fame. So I think it’s safe to bet this film will be a good adaptation.

Of course, this film is special for me because of Al Pacino. He’s one of the greatest acting legends of all times, and I really wish he leaves another masterful performance while he’s still alive. By reviews, it seems that he has acted the way he’s expected to in this movie. Via Variety:

Pacino, who seemed to have awakened from a long acting coma when he played Dr. Jack Kevorkian in Levinson’s 2010 HBO movie, “You Don’t Know Jack,” seems similarly rejuvenated here, in what’s easily his best bigscreen performance since Christopher Nolan’s “Insomnia” in 2002. […] It’s a brave performance, not entirely lacking in its own vanity, but marked by moments in which Pacino lets go of the tics and mannerisms — the gravelly-voiced mumblings and hoo-wah! crescendos — that have been the crutches of his late career, and the great actor stands once more revealed.

Let’s hope for an awesome Pacino performance!

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