Link Round-Up 11/7/2014

Link Round-Up 11/7/2014 November 6, 2014

Scary: Line Between Islamists And ISIS Blurs In Egypt.

Obama handled Ebola well. Much better than Reagan’s handling of AIDS.

Neil Carter on How to Love an Atheist (If You’re Very Religious).

I’ve contributed to this as well: The Global Rise of the Nones

A profile on Michael Sata, the recently deceased president of Zambia.

A great profile on Christopher Nolan and his newest film. Can’t wait to watch!

A great interview with Yemisi Ilesanmi: Culture is not an excuse to perpetrate injustice; LGBT Rights are about Human Rights not Culture.

The Poet Bandit: simple a fascinating story!

Stephanie Zvan argues why you should vote even if your candidate is going to lose.

We have a bran new blog here at Patheos! The writer offers his own selection of his articles from 2007 until now. Gotta read!

Learn philosophy from Jonathan MS Pearce: Philosophy 101: Qualia

A refreshing Christian perspective on the issue of assisted suicide: Brittany Maynard Didn’t Commit Suicide (What We Can Learn From 9-11′s “Falling Man”)

I think Greta Christina’s response to Peter Boghossian is convincing. Also Chris Stedman’s.

Heina Dadabhoy asks the sensible question: Why Do They Always Forget to Ask Ex-Muslims?

Jorge Luis Borges talks about God in conversation with Osvaldo Ferrari. Fascinating conversation!

China’s Uighur Unrest Is Opportunity for Afghans

Here Are Some Things That Soon-To-Be Iowa Senator Joni Ernst Actually Said and this is the guy who will oversee Environment in the new Senate. Nice job, America.

Is Ahmadinejad making a comeback? Now that’s a scary thought.

A report about the role of Iranian General Ghassem Soleimani, the Commander of the Quds Army, in the battle against IS in Iraq.

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