Credible Polling Agency: 86% of Iranians Want a Nuclear Deal

Credible Polling Agency: 86% of Iranians Want a Nuclear Deal November 25, 2014

iPOS is the only Iranian polling agency (based in USA) which I trust. They correctly predicted all major movements in the 2013 elections. Plus, I know the founder and he is a trustworthy man. Of course the result of this newest poll is not surprising at all to me, but it’s good to have it confirmed.

Based on the current poll conducted by IPOS, Information and Public Opinion Solutions LLC, majority of Iranians support a deal between Iran and the West over Iran’s nuclear issue.

According to this survey, 65 percent supports the deal with Iran and the West when they have been asked “Do you support a deal between Iran and the West?”, and 11 percent opposes a deal.

Among those who either support or oppose the deal, 86 percent supports the deal.

In addition, 80 percent of Iranian approves the President Rohani’s administration job in handling the negotiation over Iran’s nuclear activities.

See the bold part? Iranians elected Rouhani to get the nuclear deal done diplomatically, and now 80% approve his administration’s handling of the stuff. In a perfect world that would shut the mouth of hawkish conservatives who want Iran to fight the West because of ideological reasons, and also the opposition members who decry diplomacy and pretend Iranians are on their side. But this is not a perfect world.

Still, feels good.

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