Iranian Extremist Ultra-Conservative Agrees with Donald Trump

Iranian Extremist Ultra-Conservative Agrees with Donald Trump March 31, 2016


Donald Trump seems to appeal to bigots of all stripes, from former KKK leader David Duke to Louis Farrakhan. Now he has bagged the agreement – and implied endorsement – of someone even worse.

Hossein Shariatmadari is the managing editor of Kayhan, Iran’s worst newspaper. He is an extremist Muslim, a far-right conservative, and – this is where it gets funny – one of the loudest anti-USA voices in Iran. He is involved in torture, there’s a hidden prison inside his newspaper headquarters for political prisoners, his paper continuously publishes lies and smears and constantly uses worst kinds of language against anyone slightly pro-democracy or pro-reform. He openly asks for repression and murder in his paper. It would not be hyperbolic to compare him with newspapers published under Nazi Germany, because he is also as antisemitic as the Nazis.

Now that you know what a fine character he is, I’m sure you can’t wait to find out what he thinks about Donald Trump.

He says that among all the candidates running for president in the USA, the “insane Donald Trump” has “the most rational policy”, which is “tearing up the nuclear agreement”. Of course, he goes on to say that Trump is not really going to do such a thing, “because this was a golden success for USA and a sad failure for our country”, but if Trump were to do that, he would be happy.

There can be no mistake whom this Iranian extremist would prefer to win in November: Trump, and since Cruz has said the same thing, I guess Cruz too. Definitely not the Democratic candidate.

People like me have always said that the hardliners of both sides are de facto allies, and this is yet another evidence of that. However, I’m sure Trump can be happy that he has broken his own personal record in awful people endorsements.

Image credit: Mohammad Ali Marizad from Wikipedia

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