Congress’s New Anti-Iran Deal Move Is the Most Absurd Thing Yet

Congress’s New Anti-Iran Deal Move Is the Most Absurd Thing Yet May 28, 2016


The anti-nuclear deal Republicans are either really really incompetent, or they just don’t genuinely give a fuck about stopping the nuclear deal and just want to grandstand. Their latest attempt at sabotaging the deal is the most absurd proof of this assertion, because not only it will not end the deal, but it will enable Iran to ignore one of its obligations without paying a price for it.

So what they’ve done? According to NY Times:

The House voted Wednesday to bar the U.S. government from future purchases of heavy water from Iran, undercutting the controversial nuclear pact with that nation and earning a certain veto threat on a key government funding bill.

Wednesday night’s 251-168 vote came on an amendment by Florida GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis to a funding bill for the Energy Department.

A similar amendment died in the Senate after a major dust-up earlier this year, when Democrats filibustered a companion proposal by freshman Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

So far true. However, NY Times makes a mistake here:

The sale will help Iran meet the terms of last year’s landmark deal, in which Iran agreed to curb its atomic program in exchange for billions of dollars in sanctions relief.

Technically speaking, it’s not necessary for Iran to actually sell the heavy water to meet the requirements of the deal. The deal requires Iran to merely try to sell its heavy water, if Iran is unable to find a buyer, it has not violated the agreement. Look no further than the text of the deal itself (emphasis mine):

There will be no additional heavy water reactors or accumulation of heavy water in Iran for 15 years. All excess heavy water will be made available for export to the international market.

Iran has made it available. Now if the Congress is successful in blocking Iran from selling the heavy water to USA, Iran will either have to sell it to Russia, or, if it doesn’t manage to sell it, will simply keep it. So — let me repeat this for those in the back — the Republican Congress is actually making the deal better for Iran by trying to block the sale of heavy water.

So, which one is the reason behind this stroke of genuis? (A) Incompetence and illiteracy of international politics (B) They hate Obama so much they will try to oppose him even if it ends up helping Iran (C) People unfamiliar with the nuances of the deal will think it’s anti-Iran, so who cares, we got our propaganda value (D) All of the above?

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