Who Is Hillary Clinton to Me, Personally

Who Is Hillary Clinton to Me, Personally July 29, 2016


I’m really tired of reading on the internet and hearing on the podcast that people don’t know “who Hillary Clinton really is”. That’s despite all the evidence to the contrary. She’s been in public eye most of her life. Read something. Look at the evidence.

It’s really hard to convince people who seem to have a personal grudge against her. People say she’s not a real liberal, a Republican-lite, while actual evidence doesn’t support that. They call her racist and anti-black, while she has the overwhelming support of the black people, and for good reason. They call her a warmonger, which is very simplistic. They call her dishonest, while Politifact rates her as overwhelmingly honest, as the most honest candidate in the 2016 race, even more honest than Sanders.

The case against Hillary Clinton falls apart as soon as you examine it. It’s people taking one aspect, one flaw (imagined or real) of hers, and ignoring the rest of her long and illustrious career. No person is flawless, and every person’s flaws should be weighed against their merits, and when it comes to her, the merits easily outshine the flaws.

I’m not writing to defend Clinton though. Since every one has a hard time connecting with Hillary Clinton as a person, I write to say how I perceive her as a person. I’m a fiction writer. In people, I look for their personality, I try to reconstruc who they are in my mind. We all do that. That’s how we connect as people.

I have seen too much negativity targeted at Clinton. I have seen too many people portray her as a cold calculating power hungry amoral monster. But that’s not my Hillary Clinton. If people can talk about their versions, I can talk about mine. And I am sure mine is closer to reality.

I have never had difficulty in understanding what kind of a person Hillary Clinton is. She is a woman with great values, great fortitude, who has fought through Hell to accomplish her ideals. She has had to do the actual work of change. She has had to deal with opposition, and she has had to talk with a great variety of world leaders. She has had to have go through one fake scandal after another, one smear campaign after another.

Hillary Clinton is a fighter. According to her campaign manager in this podcast, she is a workhorse, not a show horse. According to herself, she is a progressive who gets things done.

To me, Hillary Clinton is a woman of great work ethics. But more than anything, she’s resilient. Hillary Clinton is the type of person who makes history as a politician. She’s the type of person who does not give up. She’s the type of person you can rely on to stay on the job after the work hours to finish things up. She’s the type of friend you might forget to invite to parties, but remember to call when you need someone to help you move.

They say Clinton is the least popular candidate in history except for Trump. But America loves Clinton whenever she’s actually in a position of power. She was very popular as First Lady, as Senator, as Secretary of State. That’s because she’s a type of person who shines when she is in her element — doing the actual work.

Watch her acceptance speech at the convention. This Hillary Clinton shines through.  I watched Hillary Clinton’s speech twice. I am enthusiastic about her. She represents my values. She is a great person, and she is going to be a great president. She is not the lesser of two evils. She is good.

I won’t let myopia and personal grudges affect that. Clinton has withstood abuse and character assassination from right and left, and sure hasn’t let that influence her. I will emulate her. I will learn from her, as a great woman.

I have been raised in a sexist culture. But my life is filled with examples of strong women. Strong women who are born into an unfair world. Some into poverty. Strong women who take control of their lives, who work three times as hard as they have to, who endure becoming unpopular for being “too bossy”, who bend but never break.

This is a very strong image in my mind. I have seen women like this at work, in university, among the politicians of my own country, as mothers of political prisoners, as mothers of martyrs of war, as feminists gathering signatures, as young protesters walking in front of me.

When I think resilience, I think of a woman.

And Hillary Clinton is such a woman. And such a woman will break the most important glass ceiling in the world in November. I won’t be able to help her with that, but I am glad that I will be able to witness it.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, via Wikipedia

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